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Sunday, June 5, 2011


10 bags of cheddar whales. 10 Gatorades. 10 smores granola bars.

All labeled with my girl's name on them. 

All packed carefully for camp. 

These. Are. My. Moments.

I catch myself sitting, labeling the items and ironing. 6 am. Loving this. 

I will worry about her one thousand times over. Fret if she's happy. Wish I could be there...

This. This is my girl. My firstborn. My beginning of the beautiful triplicate that would in time include my baby Luv...our laughter and excitement.

I have adored every moment to now. I have wept with joy, frustration, and pain for them. 

But. These. These. Are. My. Moments.

Syd is all gangly legs and toothy grins. Deeper than most and a natural scholar. She's all heart and guarded. Ever so guarded. Life never gets by her. She is constantly aware of causes and my bank account. Quick to ask "I'm not spoiled am I?" Or "No, I don't need that." when other girls would take it. She's all worry and heart.

Laine is all smiles and effervescence. Life is one big party and her heart is on her sleeve. She never meets a person she doesn't like (except girls that "always try to be pretty"). She always ALWAYS befriends the underdog...even if it's a tree or a ladybug. She's the babe that catches fireflies in a jar then let's them all go 10 minutes later because she doesn't want them caged. 

My girls. 

These. Are. My. Moments.

I'm quite sure one day I'll be drug into therapy with them for issues I've created in their lives...but for now...I'm pretty hopeful that these two little babes are rockin' and rollin' in life. Lovers of God and Life...this triplicate...we're in the moments...

Thank you for letting me walk the lane...

Grace n Peace, 

A ~

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