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I hope you find comradery...I hope you find peace....I hope you find joy...I hope you find acceptance...I hope you feel loved...I hope you know that your are precious...chosen...and always welcome here...come sit a spell...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Believing Over Feelings and other Un-Fun Stuff do to in a Desert

Isaiah 49:15-18

I love vocabulary. Words thrill me. Good vocabulary is to me what fine wine is to others. I love reading books that require me to utilize a dictionary. (or Google)

I guess it stands to reason that as I journey through dark nights of the soul I find solace in words. Not just words from mere mortals as myself but divine words...words that tell me "If He loved them enough to do that...then maybe I can be next..."

Words that say "I breathed life into those dry bones...I can certainly breathe into yours..."

Humanity has also deposited into my weary wanderings. I read a quote by blogger and soon to be author Preston Yancey (I'll probably misquote, sorry Preston) that basically said "Books reminded me of God when I couldn't feel Him."Amen.

Maybe I'm the only one tired.

Maybe I'm the only dying for more than what I'm in currently but know that I have a while longer to sojourn in this place.

Maybe I'm the only one bored at times and completely overwhelmed at others.

Maybe I'm the only one walking through a dry dustbowl of a season.

And maybe I'm not. Maybe you're out there. Maybe you're reading and are also choosing believing over feeling.

I just thought you might want to know: You're not alone.

I'm reading too.

I'm believing instead of feeling too.

I'm breathing through a hankerchief in the driest freakin desert ever. But I'm also encouraged.

Because as I read the words of the prophets and God...and I read Christine Caine, Tullian Tchividjian, and countless others...I realize I'm not alone.

Everyone travels through their own crappy sandstorm...

And at some point...you see something that looks like a mirage in the distance...only to find you've crossed over into refreshment and beauty...

Hang on friends...the pool is coming...I don't feel the waters yet...but I believe I see them just over that sand dune...

Grace n Peace,

A ~