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Friday, June 24, 2011


I recorded Gene Simmons "Family Jewels" yesterday. I watched the two episodes that chronicled Shannon Tweedy's breakdown and subsequent leaving of the family home.

It was utterly real. Sympathetic. And sobering.

I watched as Gene and Shannon's grown children grappled with the separation of their parents. They hurt. They cried.

Gene was lost. He puttered around his home like a wanderer...unsure what to do next. Completely lost without his partner of 28 years.

He went to therapy. He got real. He recognized that he could not lose this woman that had devoted her life and love to Him. He (gasp!) needed her. It was beautiful.

This is where it hit me...

We sell men short. We expect too little out of these marvelous creatures then write about them when they fall like buffoons. Shannon let Gene grapple in his addictions and liaisons for too long. She taught him that his behaviour was OK. What could have happened if she put her foot down years ago? Less heartache? Less baggage?

I was tweeting back and forth with Lauren Lankford yesterday about the ridiculous articles written for and about men. It's demeaning. Really? How to teach a man to communicate? How to "get" a man with 10 steps? REALLY?

Do we not have more faith in men than this? Can they not find their voice and way in Christ like women?

I think they can.

And not 20 years too late.

Here's the lesson: People will rise to what you expect of them. Including men.

You expect them to be uncommunicative, unloving philanders? You just might get it!


Expect the best out of yourself and your men. Not perfection. Not full understanding of womankind. But their personal best.

Do it...and they just might surprise you...

Gene did...

Grace N Peace,

A ~

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