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Monday, February 27, 2012

Peace Pockets...NOT pizza pockets

"As you progress in your healing, you will find the pockets of peace become longer and longer." She said to me...sunlight streaming through windows...tears down cheeks as I sat in my therapist' office wrapped snug in a blanket on the proverbial couch...

"Your body is addicted to the chaos that it has become accustomed to within this relationship. You don't know how to be content and stable. You look for drama because it's all you've known in this marriage. You've got to learn a new normal."

That was 6 years ago and many sessions...prayers...triumphs...failures...and lessons later. I now truly understand the principle she was preparing me for... 

"Pockets of Peace" cannot be taught...you must live them...you wake up one day and you are in them...

I had that moment this afternoon. I was laying down for a short nap after school...I heard my children playing outside beneath my window...the room was still...my spirit and soul were still...then it struck me like lightining in a spring storm...my life is a pocket of peace....

Not one small pocket of peace linked to another...but a continuous journey with Christ in peace...

I. Get. It. Now.

Funny thing is...I'm not in what people would term ideal conditions...

Divorced. Single Mom. Student at 35. Living with parents. Completely fluid future with no cemented plans...yet...I'm the most content and peaceful I've ever been. 

Here's how I view it:

Redeemed. Beloved. Enveloped. Forgiven. Chosen. Beautiful. Marked. Expectant. Evolving. Loved.

God doesn't take the standards of society to create peace pockets. He creates them anywhere. Anyhow. With ANYONE. 

There is no formula. 

There is no special type of person.

Common Denominator: Christ. In Him crucified. 

Me trying to fix it all. Gone.

Me trying to figure it out. Gone

Me trying to BE God. Gone.

My idols of peace replacers. Gone.

Me living in unbridled peace and contentment no matter where I am...who I'm with...or what I have? Here to stay.

Grace n Peace,

A ~

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  1. This deserves an "Amen!" and a "you know that's right!" I feel like our lives are so different but so parallel. I'm still learning the "stop trying to figure it out" part, but I can truly say that my current peace pocket has been going for quite a while, and I am enjoying the ride!