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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Horrible Bosses...Horrible Choice?

I kneel down by my chair...and put my face in the carpet...ready to surrender my soul, life, and sin to my Creator and whatever else He asks of me...

I am ready to speak of deep places of pardon...

I am ready for Him to give me deep revelations...

I am ready to surrender all...

As I lean into the posture of prayer...He whispers to my soul Horrible Bosses.

It is so odd...so strange hearing God who deals with genocides, child abuse, and famines say Horrible Bosses.

But I know...I know of which He speaks...

I go back in my mind to yesterday's activities...my friend and I were thrilled to get away from our children for a movie and lunch. We arrived at the theater to find the closest movie playing was "Horrible Bosses" and it was Rated R. I do not run from R rated movies per se...I'm merely making a point.

We enter the movie and wait eating nachos and talking of God and children. Then the movie begins and we laugh. We laugh a lot. Yet...I find my dear spiritual friend and I grasping our mouths...covering them with our hands throughout...gasping at the lewd, debauched language and sinful acts portrayed. We finish and walk out. Neither addresses the content. We go on to have deep discussions on heart issues and God. Enough said.

Then I arrive at church today...hands lifted...heart lifted...worship for my Lover. Pastor thrills my soul with life changing words. By the end of his message I am counting the moments until I can get out of my chair. I want to hit the floor. I want to be with Him. I want to re-surrender (a constant practice in my life).

And He says Horrible Bosses. I instantly repent for taking the community of God to this movie. I instantly repent for supporting a movie that advocates scantily clad women, irresponsible and unmarried sex, horrible language, and women represented by men as nothing more than a vagina. (Yes, vagina.)

Would I live my life in this way? Would I have sex with men that I am not married to? Would I undress for my co-workers? Was I in ANY way benefited from this flick?

Lastly...is this a date movie I would go on with the Lover of my Soul?

No. To all the above. No.

I recommit to be very astute in the movies I choose to support and watch. I recommit to be cognisant of being a lady with my date and showing Him how much I respect Him. I recommit to being the Bride of Christ which means being a little weird in the world. Not watching the popular movies. Not enjoying all the fruits offered because He wouldn't enjoy them.

I want Him to be proud of me.

I want Him to say..."That's my lady..."

I want to avoid sinful practices that go against His love letter to me...

Radical? maybe.

Nerdy? probably.

Prudish? I'm sure.

I don't care. I love this God. I will do anything to pursue Him. This means if He doesn't enjoy certain practices and they don't further our love affair...then I don't want to partake.

Pretty easy.

Doesn't mean I'll never watch another R rated movie. Doesn't mean I'll condemn anyone else who watches Horrible Bosses. It means I'm in love...and I'll do whatever I can to preserve my marriage to Him...even leaving other lovers that might lead me away from Him.

Grace n Peace,

A ~


  1. so good! i was this way for quite a long period of my life, and then I let it go. now, especially with the path that i am on, i am back at it! you explained it very well!

  2. I have to admit I went through this same situation with the same movie this weekend. What made it an even more horrible issue. There was a couple who brought an adorable little girl who looked about 4yrs old to the movie with them. It was disturbing. ~Jen