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Monday, July 25, 2011


I haven't written Eucharisteo on my blog in a while...today it seems fitting....

I want to go for 50...Here goes...

1. Sand in between toes
2. Daddy's laugh
3. Sun kissed cheeks
4. Waves
5. Vast oceanic waters that seem to have no ending
6. Mint lip gloss
7. Key Lime Pie
8. God's love...totally unearnable
9. Bare Feet
10. Freshly shampooed hair
11. Venti Soy Vanilla Latte
12. Grace
13. Wind through my hair
14. Books that inspire
15. Isaiah 43:2
16. Clean water
17. This moment
18. Health
19. Friendships that sustain
20. God Moments
21. Coffee with the ocean at 6 am
22. Ridin' the waves with my girl
23. Knowing there is more...
24. Books that amuse
25. HIS ~ engraved upon my skin reminding me always
26. Babies running effortlessly at dusk against white sand
27. Fallible moments that remind me I'm His
28. Digging for clams
29. Yellow dresses on 6 year old beauties
30. Sam the shark
31. Freckles
32. Ice cream
33. Powdered Donuts
34. Revelation
35. Chiffon sundresses
36. flip flops
37. Pink toe nails
38. Nike running shorts
39. Pixie cut
40. Acceptance by those dearest
41. Acceptance by God
42. Acceptance by myself
43. Early morning kisses
44. Late night snuggles
45. Hazelnut coffee creamer
46. Shopping with my Mama
47. Sweet Phylis
48. Twirling Girls
49. Incoming Family
50. Organic Coco Butter lotion

I've so much Eucharisteo...

Grace n Peace...

A ~

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