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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Choosing Jesus to rescue me...GLORIOUS!!

I have had the most delicious of mornings...surrounded by all the components of a perfect setting for me.

Little girls...coffee...books...The Word...and a space heater.

I've found my spirit soaring this morn. The Word continues to come alive to me and clearer with each year I delve further into it.

I am constantly amazed at this God...this God that waits patiently while we figure it all out...which apparently takes quite a while...He just...waits...He waits to become the primary not the secondary...and admittedly I'm still learning how to make this happen...

I have a friend that has read "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller several times and credits it to his love for Christ (for lack of a better explanation on my part). He spurned me to begin reading it after having it on my list for years. It is quite beautiful and breathtaking.

I came across this passage this morning and felt at home...as if I was seated in an overstuffed chair with a giant mug of coffee in the most beautiful place in the world...my soul clenched onto this passage and soared...

"When I understood that the decision to follow Jesus was very much like the decision the hostages had to make to follow their rescuer, I knew then that I needed to decide whether or not I would follow Him. The decision was simple once I asked myself, Is Jesus the Son of God, are we being held captive in a world run by Satan, a world filled with brokenness, and do I believe Jesus can rescue me from this condition?"

Wow...I've been pondering this idea of my following Christ as of late...I've come to a conclusion:
Following Christ and "making a decision" for Him is a journey...is a "over and over" decision.

Like yesterday: It was a really crappy day. I failed. I ruminated. I worried. I stressed. I did not trust and I did not follow. In summary, I was self-absorbed and not Christ following.

But here's the exquisite loveliness of this dance...I get to re-align today. I get to choose that Jesus is MY Son of God and I believe Jesus can rescue ME from MY condition.

At the mere thought and expression of this statement and choosing...I am free. Breathing is steady. Mind is uncluttered. Heart is open. Spirit is expectant.

I believe. I choose. I dwell.

Glorious God. I love thee.

Grace n Peace,

A ~

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