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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Losing myself.

"You cannot lose what you do not own."

I awake. Startled. It is 4 am and this statement has jolted me out of the haze of sleep into His arms.

"You cannot lose what you do not own."

I listen. I breathe it in. Breathe in the depths of what He is speaking into me.

Instantaneously I am overwhelmed with knowing. Liquid peace. Love and belonging course through my spirit's veins as though I've been given a transfusion of new life.

He, my Christ, spoke this in different verbiage to other disciples while on earth. "Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."

It is His way.  He spoke it in flesh. He speaks it in spirits.

"When you belong to me, all is mine. No provisions necessary. Rights are undone. You cannot lose because you do not own your life."

This is the way of the disciple. Fluid. Penniless to Christ.

Unwavering knowledge of our identity in the one who provides...who soothes...who completes...

My future.

My family.

My relationships.

My mission.

My finances.

My saving.

I cannot lose what I do not own. I do not own myself. I am His.

I turn back over and look at the clock. I'm swaddled in presence...blankets of Him wrap me like a cocoon and I am lost.

Eyes flicker and sleep resumes. When I wake hours later, I am still wrapped tight in Him. Joyful. Delighted with life. Lost.

Grace n Peace,

A ~

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